Klavirni is an album that seeps gently into the soul without demanding unnecessary effort from the listener. It provides a personal, raw, unpolished, and captivating glimpse into the pure essence of artistic endeavor; Emika offers an intimate look into the fundamental process that lies at the core of not just this latest body of work but of the artist as an individual, recalling, „I stayed a few weeks at my parents‘ home in Milton Keynes in Dec13/Jan 14. My favorite piano is there from my childhood, the piano that I did all my grades on. That piano has been the most important instrument in my whole life.“ a piano diary based on improvisation. Emika Records continues on it’s self-chartered journey with a personal, warm, inviting, and moving record from this creatively thriving and enduring talent.

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Release Date : Januar 26, 2015
Artist : Emika
Catalog ref. : EMKLP01
Format : Vinyl